The Love of Money: A Root of Yet Another Ill

China on the Couch: Psychologists Struggle To Meet Demand (source: RFA)

Could this be related to the ostentatious materialism factor? If it is, then such is the reward of labours in Chinese people’s present quest for material goods to fill their lives. What does it get them? Happiness? No, for indeed it is the psychiatric couch with which their sensual heart rewards them.

Pray that the Gospel will reach these unreached in the depths of darkness and hopelessness.


2 responses to “The Love of Money: A Root of Yet Another Ill

  1. The illness of materialism has shown up also in the embrace of “Western” science among the Chinese. I wrote about this on Verisimilitude in an entry about the “suicide of Western science.” I’d be interested to know your thoughts on the subject. Specifically, are the Chinese culturally unprepared to swallow and digest the bare analytical materialism of the West?


  2. I think it has become a worldview for many a Chinese person, however unsatisfying it is, here in the U.S. As for cultural preparedness, I believe that some have syncreticized such a worldview with a Confucian substratum from which they have removed discussion of a God that Confucius never removed from the equation, and their interpretation of this and other such Chinese cultural elements has allowed this sterility for quite some time among the Chinese-American professional class.

    On the other hand, as a second-generation Chinese American who because of the nature of certain people’s employment has never actually been to China outside of pre-1997 Hong Kong, I do not think I have actually seen enough to comment adequately on the Chinese in Asia. I suspect, though, that the same must be the case for some in a society where many have not been exposed to the concept of a God, much less His existence or non-existence.


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