‘Ode to the Republic of China’ Translated


青海的草原 一眼看不完
喜瑪拉雅山 峰峰相連到天邊
古聖和先賢 在這裡建家園
風吹雨打中 聳立五千年
中華民國 中華民國 經得起考驗
中華民國 中華民國 千秋萬世

Of Qinghai’s prairies emerald
One eye sees not entire;
The Himalaya mountain peaks
Link to the heavens’ edge.
The ancient saints and wise men past
Then here did make their home;
In windy blasts and strokes of rain
It stood five thousand years.
O motherland, o motherland,
Passed through, withstood the test,
So cease not yet the waters of
The Huang He and Chang Jiang.
O motherland, o motherland,
A thousand autumns and again,
Until forevermore.

English translation ©2007 Lue-Yee Tsang


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