Only Muslims Can Say “Allah” in Malaysia

Asia Times reports:

In a move that threatens to further inflame already mounting religious and ethnic tensions, the Malaysian government announced that certain Arabic words such as “Allah” cannot be used in the literature, gospel and speeches of non-Muslim faiths.

This is troubling. But of course, the Malay – er, Malaysian, I should say – government doesn’t recognize Malays as anything but Muslim, so there must be no Malay Christians in existence.

May the name of the Lord be glorified in spite of all attempts to extinguish His word.


One response to “Only Muslims Can Say “Allah” in Malaysia

  1. Sadly, religious intolerance appears to be more on the increase. Before, we used to share tables in schools eating halal and non-halal food without a care as long as we did not share what we ate. Today students cannot even bring non-halal food into college hostels without being heavily penalised. Our Muslim friends and non-Muslims friends dressed almost alike. I do not recall one Malay classmate who came to school with her hair covered. We looked alike and freely interacted. Our medium of instruction was English and the wide usage provided a channel for more tolerant behavior. Perhaps we realised that the world is so big and we are only so small?

    However, it is true that at any time and anywhere, there will always be people who are ready to make political mileage out of religious sentiments because religion is one of the greatest if not the greatest factor affecting human history. I believe that if the peoples will pursue higher education and language learning, they will become more open-minded to the concept of freedom of choice and worship. Knowledge frees: it seeks not to confine or decrease us. However, when learning and interpretation are left to a select group of people, then one may be subject to manipulation for focused objectives. Your post is a case in point.


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