Securities for Christ with Security in Christ

My long-forgotten investments came to the fore recently when my dad brought them to my attention. Apparently he had asked me when I was much younger whether I wanted to own stock. I laugh now to think that I’d asked for stocks/mutual funds without knowing what they actually were. And now, since I’m coming of age (progressively), I shall have to take responsibility for what I hold as steward for the Lord.

Mary Naber wrote in Christianity Today some years ago about honouring God with our investments and getting beyond looking at only one facet, that of profit. Her article, “Christ’s Returns”, is well worth the read, more than 6 years later. May we all seek to please God with everything that we do, including what we do with His money.

Some people might object to what they see as obsession with power or lack of faith in God’s ability to change man’s hearts unaided, even in the financial sphere and not the political sphere, but in reality this is not about grasping for more power. The fact is, stockholders are given a measure of power. It is up to them to use it well, misuse it or disuse it. Failure to own up to the responsibility of power is the same whether it is exercised or not.


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