God’s Kingdom: “When I am Weak, Then I am Strong”

Someone get me Gao Zhisheng’s book, A China More Just. Thank God for believers like him who stand up for the downtrodden even in the face of sustained assaults on him and and harassment of his family.

It is our misfortune to live in the China of this historical period. No one on this earth has ever had to experience or witness the suffering that has befallen us! Yet it is also our fortune to live in the China of this historical period. For we will experience and witness how the greatest people on earth banished this suffering once and for all!

[See also his open letter to the U.S. Congress.]

No, this isn’t just juvenile idealism. We only see young people as naively idealistic because of age attrition that shows their lack of commitment, lack of grounding, lack of chests and knees. But God’s commands and His love and His righteousness are worth dying for, as He is infinitely worth living for.

For what use is a self-propagating Christianity if the gospel it carries is so anaemic that it cannot be a voice of change, of God’s plan of redemption for not only us as individuals but also the world that He has created and that has now been temporarily marred? It is impossible to “focus only on the spiritual” if everything we do is for Christ and in Christ.

And now to have frail faith without works is to concede to Satan. It isn’t enough to say in a detached manner, “It would be ideal for the world to be perfect, but this is the way it is.” Yes, the world is marred. Yes, the world is messed up. Yes, the world is full of sin and strife and sordid evil. But if we do nothing, accepting the story as an unmitigated tragedy, we are opposing God, because the status quo, which will not last forever, is the corruption of this world.

It is for the same reason that we press on in the hope of God’s glory. Therefore, let us act if we sing in church about “dancing upon injustice”. Let us lift up our persecuted brethren in mainland China in intercession. Let us do nothing for the enemies of the Lord to rejoice over our defeats. Then one day we will sing many new songs to the Lord for His crushing of Satan’s head.

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