Faith? Provision?

Are some of the rich then destined to have enough left for themselves, after ridding themselves of much of it for the Lord’s work, that they still have too much to have to trust God and not the economy with what they have?

Or will God miraculously multiply increase for everyone, not just by transfer of material goods? Maybe.

[Thanks for your comment, Azileretsis, on the relationship between self-reliance and God providing.]

Does everyone have to have little money to really, really have to put his faith in God to care for him? Perhaps not. But maybe I do. If I spend, let it be to enable some work for the Lord. If I invest, let the increase be for the Lord. If I save, let the glory still be to the Lord.

But to keep? Such a thing I do not know to exist. How many times must we tell ourselves we are only stewards for that truth to really penetrate our minds? For we are not dullards, we are resistant to the full glory of God’s life.

If wisdom consisted of knowing only how the corrupted world works, there would be no Proverbs, and realpolitik would rule the day in daily civilian life. Yet our faith is that there is more than meets the eye, and that such a “realism” is ultimately a deception, because whoever sows to the flesh reaps corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap eternal life.

Abba, teach me to walk in Your ways however difficult, however unconventional, that the wisdom of this world may be seen foolish when measured against Your wisdom. Let faith not be blind but rather perceptive of what pleases and glorifies You.

So lead me not into temptation to do what others do because it is widely done and appears to be “successful” without any valid definition of success. No, lead me in the way everlasting, lead me to store up treasures in heaven.

Have I any treasure? One only, Christ the King. But move my heart to You, that my lips may not honour You in vain. Amen.


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