FairTax and the Church’s Autonomy

You know what’s good about FairTax? Churches won’t have to be under government regulation just to keep tax-exempt status. That kind of liberty is good.

Yes, the issue is inherently political, but it could be important for the liberty of the church. Not that the American church must be impervious to persecution, but at least let any persecution be from doing good in Christ’s name rather than from simply not wanting to be a puppet to the state.

Of course, I say this as one who is very wary of attempts to undermine institutional separation between church and state, especially when it could affect the purity and fervency of the church, or even the truths that believers dare or dare not proclaim in the world.

The TSPM in China is under such limitations, having been co-opted by the communist party and placed under restrictions that are crucial to a faith that’s vigorous and robust, not tamely anaemic. No Christianity can work without teaching on the second coming and the bodily resurrection, without losing its vitality.

Look at so-called “liberal Christianity” and you see what I mean. They are constantly losing church attendance. More importantly, the gospel that they preach fails to infuse people’s lives with power not from themselves, because the glory of God has been “demythologized”.

So I welcome measures that free the church from unnecessary state control.


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