Gamble a Vote, Sell Indulgences, It’s a Party

Yes, I really do think many Obama supporters are just caving to their vague notions of things. What on earth is “change” supposed to mean? Orwell should have a field day with this election cycle. Oprah, on the other hand, thinks otherwise. As if she’s an authority on thinking clearly about the condition of the state.

And for the face and exciting rhetoric of Barack Obama the people will sacrifice the matters they consider important. Yes, I’m seeing more than one person doing that. It makes me angry, not that rhetoric is working, because it should work well in the hands (or rather mouths) of good people to moving people to noble action, but that American people are eating up things that either are immoral or cannot work.

Asia Times’ Spengler writes in “Obama bin lottery”,

Obama’s South Carolina victory speech was the economic equivalent of a carnival snake-oil pitch. He promised to “stop giving tax breaks to rich companies and instead put the money in the pockets of struggling homeowners who can’t pay their mortgages”, and at the same time stop the export of American jobs overseas, while raising everyone’s wages.

The crowd chanted, “Yes we can! Yes we can!” Excuse me: No, you can’t. You can’t keep inefficient American factories open without massive tax breaks to corporations, in the form of tariffs or otherwise. In 1992, voters rejected the same message from Ross Perot, who warned that free trade with Mexico would create a “giant sucking sound” as American jobs disappeared, and chose the free-trader Bill Clinton. But that was then: this is now.

Not that I ever expected Americans to be sober-minded and independent. They love believing in fantasies and labelling whatever I say as naive and fantastic. Emo I am not. Amazed I am. Well, half-amazed, or, as Elizabeth Bennett would say, “fascinated”.

Now, I do agree that corporate welfare is bad and especially hypocritical for ardent free-trade people. As for the rest, I think it’s hogwash.

Not that I ever expected Americans to be sober-minded and independent.

Of course, the economy is not close to the most pressing issue facing voters this year, though we can all see the signs of a credit bubble turned bad. Oh, come on, of course you did. How many frenzied people did you know trying to buy a house on speculation? But no, we shouldn’t judge. Well, whether we “judge” or not people will continue to herd themselves into a hole. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. :mrgreen:

I shall refrain from making a bad analogy between this and spiritual truths before I risk being called a rabid partisan. Sorry, I do not automatically reject candidates for their party affiliation or their “race” or whatever. I do, however, apply tests to every candidate, and any one that is not acceptable-listed by these tests will find it very hard to come up acceptable again. Very hard.

  1. Opposition to the wholesale infanticide that has taken place since 1973 and may well in the future extend into the slaughter of infants who have already left the womb.
  2. Faithfulness to wife and children, if any. Celibate chastity if not.
  3. Lack of experience in political corruption. That is, not having taken bribes, &c.

Some people have standards. Others have idolatry, or something like it. To each his own. No, not really, but I’ll just say that, since you know I don’t actually mean “to each his own”.


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