Us He Has Called

I will rejoice in Your name and Your glory, O Lord,
I will sing of Your grace and Your mighty hand,
I will proclaim Your steadfast love to the world.
He has made all things new:
all things He has changed in my sight,
with His eyes, and mine no more;
He has filled the barren with abundance,
and with fertility He has imbued the empty.
For I was lost and aimless,
but the Lord delivered me;
for I once was dead in sin
but now am alive in Christ,
once dead in transgression
and now living to righteousness.
Named for righteousness, I yet fell and sinned,
but the Lord sustains and chastens me;
hard my heart and stiff my neck,
but His tender mercies never fail.
From death to life He brought me;
He bought my life with His blood.
Praise the Lord, for He has called us as His people;
adore Him, all nations, for He has redeemed your peoples.


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