Obama and Negativity

Ah, on/to Barack Obama, someone speaks much more palatably than I do without being morally accommodating. Read this open letter by Sherif Girgis, a Rhodes Scholar and a senior studying philosophy major at Princeton, which is powerful without being negative (HT: JT). How will I learn to do the same?

People sometimes get the impression that I hate Obama. I do not hate Obama. But I really don’t want him to win if he is such a man to be so committed to a “right” that is not a right but a preference that infringes upon a right.

Now for the other things. It’s not Obama’s fault that the young are often sloppy in their thinking. If you’re sloppy it’s your fault, not his. But I would fault him for first allowing the glittering generalities of his rhetoric to sway the youth vote and then choosing the policies that sound good but engender problems because they overstep the government’s role or neglect equally important things that come into play on the same policy stage.

So Senator Obama, it’s not just you. It’s your supporters too whose irrationality I fear.


2 responses to “Obama and Negativity

  1. Hmm.. good thoughts Lue-Yee.


  2. I may be posting a bit much about politics these days.


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