Printing Controversially

I should read this letter by John Newton from time to time, lest I write stridently but to no effect. It’s no good to be flippant about weighty matters: any controversy should be useful and thought-provoking.


4 responses to “Printing Controversially

  1. I find your blog enjoyable to read. I most definitely agree with you, conflicts should be useful and there’s something to be had in creating them.


  2. For some reason I thought you were British the first time I read your comment. No matter.

    I think there’s something wrong, though, when, in the name of peace, the church censors itself for controversy. I wonder how many people think it’s bad to be opinionated in any way except for “the basic message”.

    Either that or opinions are only opinions that are all to be tolerated and not truly considered. I don’t know whether I should attribute this to laziness or a sense of inadequacy even with the Holy Spirit’s guidance in truth and excellence.

    Last time I checked, justification’s intimately connected to theosis and redemptive work in creation as well as in individuals. It can’t be separated, though it can be conceptually distinguished, from maturation in holiness and pleasing God.


  3. hey you know whats weird… aldrich knows my roommate joe…


  4. »aldrich knows my roommate joe…«

    I’m pretty sure that’s how he came upon this blog, because I made a comment on Joe’s blog that, like all OpenID comments, left a link to me.


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