Ends, Means, Justice

Do the ends justify the means? If so, when? The instruction of my upbringing would say “never”, but have I really asked this question with my mind open to what Scripture says?


2 responses to “Ends, Means, Justice

  1. When the circumstance is dire? Would it not be comforting to know that if your life were in danger, your loved ones would do everything in their power short of endangering another life to save you? Run through the traffic lights or use a car without permission or be bullies, step on some important toes, break some laws if need be… extreme situations call for extreme measures. When I read of people dying in hospitals because of indifference of medical staff even while their family members were with them, I have always wondered if they could have been ‘bullied’ into doing more for the patient. Such are times you do not want to be slave to your upbringing.


  2. So the question is, which things can be overridden and which cannot? I think the human laws and conventions and customs can, while God’s moral laws cannot, because difficult situations are a temptation for us to disregard God’s righteous path to achieve a “greater good”, but there is no greater good than adherence to God’s truth.

    After all, most regulations of the state, such as traffic lights, are normally to be obeyed, but not at the cost of our faith: we cannot curse the name of God even if death is the result of not complying.


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