Ignoble Capitulation

To agree to absorption into a regime that suppresses freedom of religious practice and conscience and freedom of speech and the press is an affront to human freedom and dignity.

I hope Chinese people realize that and treat economic liaisons the same way as they do political ones, but also that they recognize the evils of capitulation without political expediency driving statements of it. Profit from economic ties should not come as a result of an unjust structure on the mainland. Either passive near-endorsement of the mainland’s policies is equally deadly to the integrity of Taiwan’s support of freedom on both sides of the strait.

We shall see where the tide of cross-straits policy goes.

However, I have words for those outside of Taiwan as well. Remind me again: why in hell are we still doing business with criminals? It just blows my mind: as soon as enough money’s to be had from contacts with a group we forget their abuses and put on a veneer in Congress of condemning their actions. Oh, well, at least they’re holding up our economy and the U.S. dollar by funding our irresponsible expenditures.


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