Malthusianism in China

The mainland Chinese regime still does not want to stop its one-child policy, citing a projected population rise. Please. There is no population problem in China, only human rights and development problems.

Malthusian views of human population will always lead to cruelty: cruelty to new lives, cruelty to lives “old and spent”, cruelty to the “useless”. Children are not a disease of which the world is to be cured.

But Americans and Europeans are not immune to the same spirit in their people, though their governments do not impose such measures by force. We can see signs of this in the sub-replacement fertility rates in both the U.S. and Europe. The same attitude toward reproduction is among them as the impulse that drives the Chinese communist party to respond with alarm to a phantom problem by even the most unsavoury means.

If, then, the problem of overpopulation is a myth, what other reason can there be for viewing non-DINK (double income, no kids) life as a bad thing? I suspect for many people it had nothing to do with population control in the first place, except for deluded policy makers: “overpopulation” was only an excuse. People want to live life “my way” with no responsibilities.


2 responses to “Malthusianism in China

  1. Ah I agree with you. Children are a great blessing, except when they are driving you up the wall…

    Sometimes it is the more affluent people who are the ones who choose to be ‘kidless’ but I suspect that for many of them, when they reach old age or when the active life becomes out of reach, they will miss the ties of an extended family. There’s only so much tons of money can do for you. You still need somebody to dispense it for you when you cannot do it for yourself any more.

    Two is not a good number either.


  2. I think I drive my parents up two walls at once.


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