Define Success

A man may have all the money in the world, donate to charity, be faithful to his wife, [his wife] have had no abortions, have clean investments, read serious books, be a productive member of society; but if he does not love the Lord his God, can we call him successful?


2 responses to “Define Success

  1. I find it amusing that you thought of listing his wife as not having abortions as part of his perceived success, not that I’m arguing that it is wrong. Having no abortions could also mean having no children. Hor.


  2. I’d view it as one success to have resisted the temptation to kill unwanted children. Now as for barrenness, I don’t know.

    What I do know is that I think that as long as we call things “success” apart from God’s view of success we’ll succumb more easily to secular conceptions of success. Wanting success is not wrong. Wanting a false success is harmful.


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