Measure It!

To the question of truth being true, its being liberal or conservative — that is, with which crowd it is associated — is inconsequential. If the way most governed by a biblical world view is labelled “conservative”, so what? And if “liberal”, what is that to us? If God is neither a conservative or a liberal, there is no point in applying these labels even to anyone’s particular understanding of His word, because perfection stands above both.

One Way, but Hard Work

Instead we should judge all things on their own merits with respect to what revealed truth we have received from God. Thus it will not matter what “extremes” we saw in the previous generation, it will not matter what “immoderate” positions we saw among ourselves, it will not matter what “different” practices we sustained from the rest of the world. These labels often get us only to the fear of man rather than God, and it is this thing exactly that has held me beholden to image even where I strove to put off orthodox normality in exchange for what I thought could be most biblical.

And yes, perhaps sometimes there really is only one true way, even where disagreement exists. Yes, we are different, and yes, one size does not fit all, but yes, there is only one truth, however complex. While we must recognize that there is not necessarily a single method to matters, we must also acknowledge that all ways are to be judged by how strongly they adhere to the entire perfect counsel of God, not made immune from the Word or even merely held to a minimum standard after which we slothfully appeal to “freedom”.

The truth is not always unclear just because people disagree. Much of the time it’s simply because we don’t like to change when — excuse the Aristotelian expression — the more contingent good looks better than the more self-sufficient good, but I think we really should stop idolizing the individual and his absolute autonomy. I know I’m reluctant sometimes to change a view I’ve held for ten years, but if it’ll make me believe something more accurate, I must, for God is the God of truth and not error.

Postmodern? Not by a Long Shot

We often do not realize how much we are influenced by postmodernism when we assume that we must not impose anything on anyone, especially if it’s actions or non-actions coloured by our views of things. Yes, no human’s view is perfect, but some views are more accurate than others. Gasp! “How can you be so arrogant? Who are you to impose your view?”

Excuse me, pomos, but anything you try to say about this will still impose just as much on others, even if you don’t say it propositionally. Ars gratia artis, non vera est, neque enim pulchritudo de spectatoris oculo. Your rejection of a view as just a view doesn’t mean yours holds any water unless it can be argued from a higher standard. Even if you have left the premises of postmodernism enough to cling to the salvation of Christ, that doesn’t mean you’re free from all its lies.

To reject the concepts of “superior” and “inferior” is to reject the higher standard of truth. Truth is truth is truth. Act according to it regardless of the times.

Cogito, Credo, Petam


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