Justice is Greater than Power

Asians are much too fond of saving face. A desire to save face and keep power no matter what the cost: where have we seen this before?

Sorry to say, among my people, with the Beijing regime’s resolve not to have its moment in the spotlight spoiled and with its suspicion of a peaceful Christian population unwilling to compromise its commitment to separation of church and state (see its statement of faith). I appeal to both regimes to trust that doing good is better than doing everything possible to hold onto power and prestige, because the former confers not only recognition but also legitimacy and true credibility. Newsweek reported in 1998:

Missionaries are still officially forbidden in China, and proselytizing is technically illegal. Nonetheless, more Christian activists are entering China openly. By some estimates, 10,000 foreign Christian workers now live in the country, more than half of them Americans.

According to Wikipedia on the “official” church in China,

One area of disagreement has been the restriction that the government places on preaching and teaching certain doctrines which are deemed to be inappropriate. Some examples of teaching that are not offered at the TSPM meetings include: references to the Second Coming of Christ and the resurrection of the dead.

However, restrictions are not always harshly enforced, and many pastors within the TSPM have the freedom to exposit Christian teachings more fully.

May the Beijing regime deliver on its promises to the International Olympic Community to show greater respect for human rights, and may the church, “registered” and unregistered, be bold in winning people to Christ without balking at the draconian penalties that may result from incurring the regime’s anger for not limiting teaching to liberal theology.


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