Rest, then Summer School

Aleppo Codex

Biblical Hebrew this summer. Woo-hoo! Totally not what I’ll be saying two months from now, but for the time being I shall revel in the glory of finally studying a Semitic language, and one that will help me understand the Bible better to boot.

I wonder if I’ll learn enough Hebrew in time to look over Old Testament passages in Hebrew if we choose any for Bible study in the next year. If I’m totally enamoured of such activities, I might want to keep thinking about building up the Body of Christ through them.

What’s less cheering is that I’ll no longer have an excuse to read classical Chinese for class: I’ll just have to ask my dad for recommendations. Then I may be able to keep thinking about some stimulating Chinese texts that make me reflect on what pleases God. I really have found that, because this literature is part of my own cultural tradition, this happens even more than it otherwise might, and the fact that there is less engagement between the Christian faith and Chinese culture than there should be encourages me to keep looking.

It excites me, however, that, having learned a lot from reading classical Chinese texts in classical Chinese just by taking a few classes, even if I got some pretty lackluster grades, I may learn even more from reading Hebrew texts in Hebrew.


2 responses to “Rest, then Summer School

  1. i think thats the class my gsi from jewish civ recommended for us to take haha.


  2. I’m taking Hebrew, Jasmin’s taking Latin, so anyone up for Greek? 😀 Maybe not. Or maybe I can exert influence on an impressionable freshman to get him to take Greek.

    I’m surprised, though, that a GSI would have recommended a dead ancient language, hehe.


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