State Regulation of Marriage

Finally, someone says something (HT: Cliff Mak) about rolling back changes that have already happened in the law rather than just myopically talking on and on about legalization of gay “marriage”! He begins,

Obviously, laws affect society. To assert otherwise is to demonstrate one’s own insanity, and besides, it’s self-defeating. If laws don’t change society, then whatever change you are arguing for in the law is ultimately irrelevant, so you should basically drop it. But of course, they do change society, and everybody knows it.

Fairly standard (for that aspect, see John Mark Reynolds’s post). But here’s more to think about:

However, I sometimes find it ironic that Christians are far, far more vocal in opposing gay marriage than they are in opposing no-fault divorce, the lack of civil penalties for adultery, and the deinstitution of common-law marriage. You’ll notice that in the Torah, God’s laws for his people about marriage weren’t “Marriage is just for a man and a woman. Otherwise, do what you want.”

I’ve been rather tired of the whole masquerade where people keep focusing their attention on the homosexuality part and ignoring adultery and no-fault divorce. Honestly, whom are they trying to fool?

So divorce is fine and dandy and bad only because it’s ugly and messy (so if we dress it up, it should be good to go), but God forbid that the law should ever drive another stake into the coffin of marriage. Please. Just because your parishioners are divorced and remarried in sin does not mean you can just bash outsiders – face it, people living in homosexual sin are outsiders to your church – while you refrain from admonishing your brothers and sisters in Christ against behaviour that is equally sinful and thus damaging both to themselves and to God’s name. Likewise in the political arena, if it’s the same thing, namely marriage, that you want to protect.

Some would call my view reactionary and ideologically-driven. I call it coherent. It’s not enough to call on the guideline of choosing your battles. If it’s the same thing you’re fighting for within the system for institutions to do what they’re supposed to, there is no way you can be so skittish and still get anything done that’s worth getting done. But people will go on chanting adages of no consequence while the whole world marches on to defilement and the church follows after it.

Hypocrisy? In the body of Christ? Definitely, and I shall not mince my words against this hypocrisy, not even if it so happens that Chinese believers often find divorce the “modern way” but gasp at the thought of their kids ever identifying with the gay world. It’s not a question of taste or a group’s sensibilities. Go back to the sources, then redevelop your views. It helps. Really. This whole thing is not about Asians’ struggle between their traditional worldview and morals and their adaptation to a modern Western world. There is something more essential: truth.


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