Biblical Priorities

Why do we Christians here – in America, I mean – generally hate polygamy more than divorce? This “hierarchy of wrongness” seems not to be based on what the Bible says. Perhaps we’re more strongly affected by the rest of the culture than we think.

Scripture says divorce and remarriage, except for marital infidelity, is itself adultery. It also says it’s wrong for members of the same sex to have sex together. It does not straight-out say the same about polygamy. All the same, while in the main we recoil at the thought of a man in our churches having more than one wife, we have little of the same about things that Scripture clearly opposes.

For what things were people put to death in biblical Israel’s civil law? For what things did nations crumble and suffer destruction? For what things unrepented did Paul write that people do not inherit the kingdom of God? Search the Scriptures, and give it a Selah.


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