Asian Child Formation

To be honest, I’m very often tired of seeing Asian Americans, because they seem to combine the worst of both worlds beneath the veneers of worldly success, and yet I’m unable to ignore the homophily factor. Perhaps this is the real source of my frustrations with all people who are not total enigmas to me. In return, I shut myself off from what I deem meaningless.

Now, how much of this is attributable to the way my parents managed cultural influences, and how much to my own innate tendencies? Surely even with both we’re able to speak of “American culture” or “Indian culture”, yet non-ethnic background seems so much more powerful with the children of Asian immigrants.


2 responses to “Asian Child Formation

  1. haha. if youre tired of seeing asian americans, i suggest you leave cal and go to some school in the bible belt 😛


  2. Haha, some of it’s frustrating, but most of it’s just a constellation of bad parts of “human nature” that tend to collect in Asian Americans (but probably in a lot of other people too).

    If I think people are lazy and dumb in Alameda County, I’ll think people are lazy and dumb in Yoknapatawpha County. Then I’ll say things about white people in the Bible Belt and feel embarrased by the church.

    Ultimately, no real change, except I lose access to food and extensive university libraries.

    Maybe I should see more black people…


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