Mind ⇌ Heart

Yes, everyone knows deep down that things that are clearly wrong are wrong indeed, but that does not mean it’s conscious or even accessible. It also does not mean that anyone will “just know” for everything. It’s not magic. It’s not voodoo. Yet many seem to treat it that way, and because of it I question their conception of God and heaven and earth.

Surely everyone who believes in total depravity, which has left nothing untouched in a human being, must know that circumstances do not so happily fall together. If the life of faith in Jesus Christ takes toil and tears, i don’t understand how anyone could think it so easy, so simple as always knowing it in the head – come on, we don’t – and getting it into the heart.

I speak Chinese. I don’t differentiate the two unless I need to: it is in my linguistic worldview, so deeply ingrained, that I shall never conceive of the two as diametrically opposed, because what defilement I know in my mind I shall see in my heart, and I shall see in my mind what defilement I know in my heart. Useful emotions will not carry you along, because later you see that your mind is still filled with disgusting things.

So the mind takes work. It is strange to me that anyone should neglect the rigorous life of the mind and think he can just be carried by emotions and instincts and call it “listening to God”.


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