Delayed Crops in Burma

It’s not over in Burma (Myanmar). First there was the cyclone itself, but now the oxen and water buffaloes won’t plough, because they’re stressed (IHT).

“Unless our rice is planted by the end of this month, it will be too late,” Soe said. “And even if we get it in on time, we cannot expect as big a crop as before.”

The few animals that survived the storm were traumatized and reluctant to work, delta farmers say, and those brought in as replacements are taking a long time to settle in to their new surroundings.

I must confess, the only thing that kept Burma in my attention at all was the fact that the regime was hampering efforts to get in aid and generally not being open and thus keeping other people from helping too.

These things may be in the news for just a short time, and even in that short time we seem to grow tired of hearing it, but long after a disaster has trickled out of the limelight, the troubles continue. Same for Hurricane Katrina, same for the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake, same for the Sichuan earthquake. Whichever ones are closer to people’s hearts by feelings of a common bond, there are so many other things that have gone wrong in the world, so many places that need relief, so many people whose lives have been interrupted.


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