Zimbabwe Needs to be Free

What good is it if you have a sham election? What good is it if violence prevents a fair election? Mugabe must go.


2 responses to “Zimbabwe Needs to be Free

  1. it’s mind-blowing how many polities don’t have fair elections and do not value basic things such as stability or its citizens’ security. in fact, most developing countries have incredibly, blatantly corrupt political systems, which have little to do with just bad leaders. bad leadership is just a symptom of a larger problem at hand.

    and if you’ve seen the last king of scotland or read anything about political upheavals in africa, you can see that every few years, a new regime will form and challenge the one in power denouncing it as being illegitimate and corrupt. this new regime promises all kinds of changes, but eventually they merely play into the cycle of bad and corrupt leaders and kill a lot of innocent people.

    i think the larger problem – or a piece of the problem – is the fact that the citizens rights are not a priority. this is usually due to geopolitics. for instance, the egyptian government can take advantage of the suez canal and take control of that, generating huge revenue. nigeria has oil fields and the government depends on that as a major source of revenue. in cases like these, there is no benefit to providing for citizens beyond somewhat mobilizing a large enough majority to gain public support and somehow justify their reign in the beginning of their terms at least.

    (these are just some thoughts i hope are based in poli sci 2 lectures and not just made up)


  2. This is why I believe illiberal democracies, such as Singapore, are inherently unstable in this regard. In such a well-managed example as Singapore especially, people will be quiet for quite some time because they believe that the system works well enough.

    Granted, leaders are better at managing the state in Singapore than in Zimbabwe, hence we see the problems being much bigger in Zimbabwe. Nevertheless, any system that does not put citizen rights and duties at the forefront will face problems.


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