TJHSST Freshman Class Has Asian Plurality

“Asian American” students now make a plurality of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology’s incoming class, the Washington Post reports.

I have no idea what this means. Are they mostly low-income Vietnamese students from Annandale and around Falls Church, or Japanese students from McLean, or Indian students from Reston? People have to stop making such a big deal out of a purely “racial” thing when the real major concerns are equity across income and ethnic lines.

If the goal is to help more African American and Latino students get in (as if those were monolithic categories either in terms of access to the magnet school), people have to stop talking and acting as if “the Asian students” are the problem. Yes, many of their parents have the will and make the resources to pay for prep, which may or may not actually help, but using what looks like two or more different standards will not help achieve the goal.

What actually needs attention

Race is a red herring for Fairfax County, perhaps for all of northern Virginia as well. Fairfax County is the richest county in the entire nation. It is indeed a travesty of justice that, even with the money that it claims to spend per student, it cannot raise the areas inside the Beltway and south of the Beltway to a high standard.

I’m not saying public schools in these areas are failing compared to the rest of the country. I’m not even saying that other schools in the county are great. I’m saying that everyone knows that, whatever people say upon false lips, these schools are just not good enough.

I know Fairfax County’s politically correct sanitizing tendencies will ignore what is truly at issue and push only a show, and a show, and a show, while the more affluent preserve their sense of security. As long as this is so, “Asians” and “refractory, conservative notions” – in actual thought if not in spoken word – will be the scapegoats, and “race” will dominate the subtext of discussion.

P.S.: The Debate Link has some related discussion on this news.


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