McCain: True Honour?

I have my qualms about McCain, and the biggest ones aren’t about his political ideology, though I am opposed to federal funding of embryonic stem cell research – people are not instruments for other people to use “for the good”. No, the biggest concern is not his ideological shakiness in some areas. It is his marriage.

As my mother says, yes, he’s done a lot of admirable things and has a great deal of fortitude (HT: Justin Taylor), the kind necessary for a head of government, but it was an ignoble thing to divorce his wife, who had waited for him the whole time he was a prisoner of war in Vietnam, and marry another woman in clear violation of what the Bible says about marriage.

Will I vote for McCain, or will I abstain?


4 responses to “McCain: True Honour?

  1. McCain has had a strong second marriage. They’ve been married for 28 years. No man is perfect and I’ve met enough godly divorced guys to not consider McCain with any major suspicion. On the other hand, I like his fortitude. He could have left the Vietnamese prisons a lot sooner if he compromised his principles.


  2. Twenty-eight’s pretty good. Although it doesn’t mean it wasn’t a destructive and shameful sin – even Christians in this country take divorce far too lightly – I suppose it does mean he’s a different man from himself 28 years ago. What I hope this means is that, were he in the same situation again as the person he is now, he would not do it again.

    I think I can vote for McCain. We’ll keep watching and see.


  3. If he really is a war hero, that is. Etc., etc.


  4. In any case, I’m not enthusiastic about this election. I’m tired of it already. It’s probably between McCain and an abstention.


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