Unanswered Questions of Legitimacy

If Hamas violently pushes the Israeli Knesset out of Jerusalem and takes control of all areas in Palestine outside of Tel Aviv and its vicinity, then proclaims itself the ruling authority of Palestine, does that make it the legitimate government of all the areas outside the Tel Aviv administration’s control?

If not, how is the Chinese Communist Party any different from this hypothetical Hamas in the essential elements constituting a government? This question remains not only unresolved in the Christian community but, unfortunately in this day and age, largely unaddressed completely, especially among Chinese believers in America, for fear of the displeasure of a regime whose status, being unaddressed, is assumed by default to be whatever the United Nations happens to think.

This is not a minor issue for the many churches and Christian organizations hoping to do unfettered ministry on the Chinese mainland: the Bible commands Christians to obey Caesar, but it also forbids them from worshipping Caesar even if he demands it, and it also tells us nothing about whether Galba, Otho or Vitellius is Caesar.

It is unconscionable to assume as many things as are usually assumed about a land in which some churches are fiercely persecuted for not acceding to letting a political party interfere with its internal affairs, a charge that this same party perversely makes against the U.S. government.

I’m sorry (not for the sentiment but for the hardness of the truth), but might does not make right for humans who, like it or not, live under the authority of an almighty God. If people actually believe that, they had best act as if they did.


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