Let Mortal Flesh Keep Silence

President Bush is in an unenviable position right now: from both sides he faces the prospect of misrepresenting America to the Chinese people. In the balance hangs the message we, America, will send my people in China, be it approval of repression or support for a stronger China.

In America, we have on the one hand liberals like Nancy Pelosi who have constantly criticized the regime’s draconian rule – rightly so, I believe, especially in a time of non-war as we have now; we have on the other hand people who believe the regime in Beijing represents China and that people like Pelosi are just China-haters.

I vouch that I am beholden neither to the Chinese Communist Party nor to those who look down their nose at the “primitive” peoples who have not the fortune of a government that protects liberty. I have no desire to see a China weakened to the point of starvation. I also have no desire to see a China that appears strong, even militant, but is filled with silenced voices of dissent.

But what do people say or think?

  1. That I must be a self-hating racist who wants nothing to do with China; as a variation on the theme, that I, being in the West, am out of touch and thus have nothing worth saying.
  2. That I am too contentious and must say things more softly because there are people who disagree.

Why must I be forced to say what the conformists think or say nothing, or consign unorthodox views to the opinion dustbin?


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