Why Does the Economic Crisis Favour Obama?

What makes Sen. Obama any better at picking up the economy than President Carter was? Similar circumstances, after all. If we’re to talk plainly about who, if either, of Sens. Obama and McCain can best act justly for the American people as the economy goes badly, Bush being president cannot be taken as a cause for any Democratic candidate to be favoured.

Then there’s the question of whether the president can do anything but shoot down bad ideas from the Treasury and move against the injustice that men do to one another and appealing to us to act responsibly and justly.


4 responses to “Why Does the Economic Crisis Favour Obama?

  1. Look for another Andrew Mellon and appoint him as Secretary of the Treasury. 🙂


  2. Relatively low taxes for the rich and lower taxes for the poor and middle class? I’m afraid this century’s populace won’t abide the consequences, but I’d like that if we could manage.


  3. His philosophy as I recall:

    73% of nothing is nothing.
    25% of something is something.

    IMO, Mellon had some far-sighted insights. I think it was him who first really recognised the idea that you can lower taxes yet still generate higher revenue? Of course, it could just be my libertarian bias. 🙂


  4. And you’d have money to find and fine the rest of those who cheated on their taxes.


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