Historic, but Troubling Too

Very historic that America has not considered a man’s darker skin to make him less qualified to be president. A symbolic victory, yes, but arguably a milestone all the same. It has not been long since racial segregation was obvious in the South: not more than my lifetime. There is still racial segregation; the continued existence of public school attendance boundaries crystallizes socioeconomic inequality, with better schools kept of the reach of the urban and rural poor. We have a lot of work to do; all the same, yesterday was historic.

But very troubling, at the same time, that Christians in this same America have not considered his brutal support of the “right” to infanticide to make him less qualified to be president. If their greater concerns have truly been greater, I have not heard a good case for it.

Maybe I just haven’t heard anything, since it’s not to me but to themselves that people have something to prove, but the public discourse simply has not existed in any robust form. For this I blame not America but the church. No, it has not failed to push for some measures and others, and it has not failed to advise prayer. Rather, it has failed to get people to think through their philosophies of faith. And as long as there is no philosophy to bring faith into action, faith will be without its own works: dead.


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