Taiwan Regressing?

The Republic of China has made a lot of progress in Taiwan. To lose it now by detaining people without formal corruption charges – not terrorism, but corruption! – is a grave mistake.

Put this together with lack of respect for freedom of the press, as my dad noted, and you find a backslide toward the way things work under the Beijing régime. This does not bode well for Taiwan as a example to the rest of China of constitutional and legal integrity. Double Ten Day was less than a month ago: have KMT officials forgotten already what they fought for when revolution broke out in 1911?

Now is a far cry from Ma Ying-jeou’s remarks in an interview with the Times this August:

On the other hand, you can also tell that for all the visitors [to the Olympics], while they were awed by the grandeur of the opening and closing ceremonies and the splendour of the events and the athletes, but again they also have a long way to go to have other aspects of the society catch up with their brilliant performance of the Olympics. But for all those mainland Chinese this is a moment of glory and satisfaction after nearly 200 years of humiliation. This is only restoring its rightful position in the world. But still, as I said, there is a long way to go in terms of other values, which are also cherished by people not only outside of mainland China, but all Chinese people, like freedom, rule of law, democracy and protection of human rights.

If the mainland has a long way to go, where is Taiwan going?


3 responses to “Taiwan Regressing?

  1. We all knew what would happen. But the electorate could not be convinced…


  2. In this article, the author asks if the KMT has forgotten what they fought for when revolution broke out in 1911. But, what do such comments have to do with Taiwan?

    Taiwan was ceded to Japan in 1895, and was not a part of China during the early years of the 20th century. Even today, in fact, it can be argued that no international treaties have ever recognized the incorporation of Taiwan into China in the 20th century…

    The truth seems to be that the Republic of China in Taiwan is a government in exile.


  3. The fact is, the KMT is claiming to govern Taiwan. Since this is so, any violation of its principles of government is violation regardless of whether it is the legitimate authority under international law.


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