Whence Christian Thought?

Doug Wilson shares a story on “regressive” tax reduction.

Everyone agrees, I hope, that taxing everyone $20,000, everyone rich and poor, is wrong. Everyone also agrees, I hope, that taxing high-income people to the point that they have less money than the poor is wrong. Mainstream disagreement is in between those two extremes. But what is the source of our sense of what a just tax structure is?

This question is, of course, very relevant to the field of political economy, and it should equally be very relevant to moral and political philosophers. For the church, developing a Christian philosophy is important, for how are we to have any preference if we have no Christian thought on it? How should we know what should gladden our hearts and what should sadden them?

But the same is true of every sphere of life. You think I wonder about these things for their own sake?


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