Magazine Compiled and Waiting for Work

Laying out the pages of To An Unknown God. It’s coming along: it looks more interesting than the last issue, but it maintains some restraint. I’ve also tried to be precise (read: anal) in looking over the spreads to make sure there are no monstrosities: words with letters of different weight owing to Myriad Pro having no real small caps, unligatured “fi”, &c. Need a cover too.

Still short on funding for this printing: we need about $1300 more, and printing’s very soon. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation.

Separately, new staff for next semester would be good too, because many people are juniors and seniors. I hope there are people who can be as anal as I am about typography and more meticulous. Meanwhile, I’m working under the influence of applying to graduate school (woo-hoo, GRE!).


2 responses to “Magazine Compiled and Waiting for Work

  1. Wow. This is like, the most normal post I have ever seen from you.

    I’ll think about a cover. I’m somewhat leaning towards black and white too. But it has to be done very well.


  2. Alhamdulillah, one friend has chosen to give $400.


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