Art, True and Beautiful

Beauty without Regret”, Makoto Fujimura.

Fujimura is an abstract-expressionist artist. He talks about incompleteness and faith in a way that I think resolves the tension between wabi-sabi and Christian faith in real and complete redemption and rejects the everyone-is-happy kitsch tendencies to which many people fall prey in their reaction against brutally ugly realism:

Art cannot be divorced from faith, for to do so is to literally close our eyes to that beauty of the dying sun setting all around us. Death spreads all over our lives and therefore faith must be given to see through the darkness, to see through the beauty of “the valley of the shadow of death”.

Prayers are given, too, in the layers of broken, pulverized pigments. Beauty is in the brokenness, not in what we can conceive as the perfections, not in the “finished” images but in the incomplete gestures. Now, I await for my paintings to reveal themselves.

Read the whole thing: it’s really short, too.


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