Inauguratus Est Princeps

The coming Tuesday is Inauguration Day. Another peaceful transfer of power in America. Let’s observe and be glad that it wasn’t a transfer marked by war.

I’m mightily pleased with our president-elect’s fiscal responsibility. But such minute considerations aside, we should be so proud of ourselves for spending three times as much on his inauguration as for his predecessor’s and over four times as much as for President Clinton’s. So factor in inflation, sure. Nevertheless, have a click and look at the figures.

Ah, but such a spectacle! But if it’s merely spectacle, I might as well have seen a great show in the Colosseum in Rome. Such an historic moment! That statement alone means nothing, for Hitler’s election was historic too: let us talk about a good historic moment, then. Great? perhaps great. Good? good for what? I must equally mourn as celebrate the meaning of this Inauguration Day. Black people deserve equal dignity, and so do defenceless infants still in their mother’s wombs.

We seem, then, to have simultaneously affirmed and denied human rights. Perhaps the world should applaud America for the former, but the latter is a mark of shame. Since we have no scarlet letter on our bosom, we bear instead the stain of our wicked act. Adultery? No, not for America, because we have no covenant with God. But the church, she deserves the strongest censure for her debauchery.

If this be inauguration, I don’t think the auguries bode well. But “let all mortal flesh keep silence.”


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