Missing Sunday Worship

In these decades, in an effort to fight legalism, some people tell new Christians that they don’t have to go to Sunday worship at church (or imply as much), sometimes by their own behaviour. So we see that many who profess to follow Christ are away quite a lot on Sunday morning. Paul McCain writes:

My pastor, David Smith, has a way with words, that is to say, he is one of those rare birds who does not mince words when he has something important to tell his congregation. Yesterday, he informed us that we are to be present for Divine Service on Sunday morning, unless we are “providentially hindered” from being there, and then he explained what it means to be “providentially hindered”:

There are only three legitimate reasons for not showing up here on Sunday morning: you are out of town, you are sick, or you are dead.

Agree with this thought? Disagree? Why?


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