Fun Money in the Top Spenders

Good magazine has a map of the comparative yearly expenses per citizen (HT: Cliff Mak). Behold the average expenditures of citizens in the ten highest and ten lowest spenders and notice that the highest expense by a long shot in the high spenders is entertainment. Imagine what we would do in an oeconomy where we spent less on entertainment. This is actually two possibilities:

  1. We actually spend lots on good art in our leisure, and it’s put under the umbrella of “entertainment” because Good can’t have stats on what’s leisure and what’s diversion in our spending. In such a case, spending less in this bin could simply be the brutalization of civilized society.
  2. We waste a massive amount of money on what serves only to distract the mind and body from worthier pursuits, e.g. bad art. If this is true, we could actually reappropriate money in much more productive activity.

How shall we honour what’s good with our resources and forbear from throwing our money at what’s barren?


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