More Against Neutrality

A while ago I wrote briefly, but rather cryptically, how moral neutrality was impossible. R. Scott Clark, professor at Westminster Seminary California, gives a much better and fuller discussion in relation to the existence of the common sphere, which is under God but outside the domain of the church.

At the time in which I became convinced that no substantial thing could be morally neutral, I was unaware, or only faintly aware, that discussions like this had gone on before in the same way. Why have these ideas, it seems, not gotten out far enough beyond the confessionally Reformed churches to penetrate the consciousness of the church in America? We seem to think much of the time that we can get away with anything not grossly indecent without having to concern ourselves with doing real good in all of life.

Now, of course the relationship between this and how Christians are to act in the realm of temporal civil government is complex, but we cannot avoid thinking about it and collapse into the fallacy that Caesar’s realm does not fall under God’s or that there are parts of life God doesn’t care about (because all that matters, apparently, is escaping to heaven without dealing with earth) or that the world now ought to be a Mosaic theocracy. The issue is too important to ignore and too complex to be answered casually.

So too with matters outside the realm of politics.


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