Christian Hip

Several months late: the Christian hipster list.

Does this make me a Christian hipster? No, I’m a premodern dinosaur like C.S. Lewis.

Proof? I’m serious about William Byrd and J.S. Bach and G.F. Handel and all those guys being different, musically and lyrically (as applicable), from what passes for a holistic picture of God in the song selections (as if those ought to be at the mercy of personal choice!) in most evangelical churches. I support incense in worship at least some of the time because it’s biblical, not because it’s cool and off the beaten track. And, perhaps most tellingly, I talk and write for meaningful discourse, not to express myself – whatever this modern idolatrous invention means. I’ve breathed American evangelicalism and found it wanting.

Ironically, I’m been mostly talking about myself. But apparently, people these days are too cool for exegesis or extended discourse. Just a change of tone here.


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