Making and Rest

God spoke through his Word, and the worlds came into being; God speaks through his word of the holy gospel, and it is done [factum est] in the Church. Which lives, a voice crying out or an image bound to a surface? This question is not about physical doing, because everyone knows that there being no matter at the beginning must have precluded both physical sound and physical writing. Rather, what does the word of holy Scripture actually say?

And then image came: Man, in the image of the living God. And later, Christ, the Logos incarnate, the very image and likeness of the same living God, God himself in the flesh, God and not an idol, to be adored. Orality or image? It is heard, and it is done.

Let it first be read, for God saves through his word. Then, let it be preached, explained, expounded, exhorted to the congregation. Finally, let the Word, by the power of the Holy Spirit in the word, become the Church’s and the Church the Word’s as the two are sacramentally joined. All shall then live and bring forth that rest for the rest of the day.


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