A Redeemed People

Trevin Wax reviews Paul Little’s guide to evangelism, How to Give Away Your Faith, and rightly points out that salvation is as much about society, humanity as a people (note the singular collective use), as it is about the individual:

Resurrection morning is the start of God’s new creation – the kingdom of God being inaugurated now, even as it has not yet come in its fullness. The disciples experience the power of Christ’s resurrection, not merely so that their relationship with the living Savior can continue, but also that they may form the people of God, the new humanity, a beloved community of faith that has been ‘reborn’ and now serves as the sign of the wondrous future that God has in store for the whole cosmos.

One step further: the Church, being the redeemed people of the Lord, is the form of salvation and thus is, concretely, salvation itself, as Peter Leithart says (Against Christianity, 32); entering it is, well, entering it. Why can salvation ordinarily not be found outside the Church? Because the word and the sacraments administered in the Church are what God uses to make his own people, and because we, being social creatures, cannot be considered apart from our being society as well as our being individuals.


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