Premillennialism and the Disgusting Pacific Gyre

Good magazine has an infographic on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Read it.

It seems entirely biblical to care that this ugly reality blights the earth. Another reason to believe premillennialism is extremely problematic unless you think ‘saving souls’ out of the earth – that is, saving a bunch of ghosts from the prisons of physical existence – is the point of life. Good. Let’s poison our food while we’re at it.

Premillennialism logically demands no stewardship of natural resources except for a few reasons:

  1. Tricking people by an intrinsically worthless activity (worthless because it’s all gonna burn or because all we do doesn’t matter) into being saved from the world.
  2. Yeah, um…

Except for this one reason, then, stewardship is an arbitrary demand. Thus, unless you think social action is a good gimmick to use in order for people to be saved, premillennialism logically overthrows all concept of keeping the earth. Incidentally, wasn’t the maintenance of Creation God’s first order to Adam and Eve in Genesis?

P.S. I do hope we make the technology to retrieve and recycle this plastic in an environmentally sound way. Guys, one day the oil will run out, and we’ll need to recycle all our plastic. Just saying.


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