Iraqi Ius in Bellum

Talking with my aunt in France reminded me: Saddam Hussein not having weapons of mass destruction was not the issue, contre la plupart du public américain. The real issue isn’t even the relative weights in advantage and desirability. The issue is whether preëmptive war is morally acceptable even if you do know that a hostile dictator has weapons of mass destruction.

The Americans have no real moral resolve. They are wimps for raising red herring issues that take no real moral fibre to bring up, preferring to talk about far less important things and passing them off as ‘issues of moral character’. I just don’t buy it. The ‘antiwar people’ who went on and on about there being no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq are just warmongerers in disguise.

The disagreement among most Americans was really over the Iraq war’s practicality, not its morality, the immorality of some people in the administration notwithstanding. And since I believe it’s cowardice, not virtue, that made people dislike the war in Iraq, I have no reason to think differently of Afghanistan once it’s passed a certain duration that the American people will deem practically acceptable.

Life is wonderful. We seem overly willing to sacrifice it ‘for make benefit glorious nation’ of Self. Behold an age of decadence and expect barbarians to show up. Except we ourselves are the barbarians.


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