Big Lapine

Yesterday on the commute home on the RER, I saw a lady holding one of those pet boxes, the kind in which people take their dogs onto a plane. Inside was an animal with long ears whose diameter was .20 m–.25 m.

I thought to myself, ‘No way.’ No way could it be a rabbit, because it was twice as big as my aunt’s rabbit: it had to be some kind of dog. I tried to crane my neck a certain way without being too conspicuous, so that I could see the animal’s facial profile (not to be confused with racial profiling). But those ears really didn’t appear to be possible for a small dog. I finally saw what looked like a parsley leaf or a carrot leaf, so I concluded it really must be a rabbit.

Some huge rabbit. I thought those existed only in Germany and the news. Day of big animals, I guess, because the same day my uncle told me of the discovery in the Jura Mountains of the biggest-ever sauropod footprints, measuring 2 m across.

Oh, the other weird thing: I was singing Chinese and gibberish the whole time (not surprisingly), but shortly before I got off the train, the woman, having seen me looking at the rabbit and smiling at the thought of a mongo-big rabbit, took out a chocolate rice cracker for herself to eat and offered me one too. I gobbled it up as I left the station.


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