Two, Made One Flesh

So the body natural is ascended to heaven, and his body politic, whose name is Ecclesia, rests on earth. Is the body sacramental the constituting covenantal link uniting the body politic and the body natural?

It seems there was no body politic of the heavenly Jerusalem before Christ was (and is) the state. Hebrews says that Abraham hoped for a city, not that there already was one of which he was a citizen, though he was indeed saved through faith. I think this implies that faith qua faith doesn’t do it even though Christ’s atonement is for all time.

The alternatives remaining are to deny that Abraham was saved by grace through faith or to affirm that something working with faith – the Holy Spirit, we say most simply if we’re reticent – is what unites the Church to Christ. But then, mustn’t this take the form of something objective and visible? Baptism and the Lord’s Supper seem to fit the bill if their efficacy lies in the Holy Spirit and not in man, while the Holy Spirit works ordinarily and supernaturally through them.

But I have another question: earthly kings don’t have this sacramental thing going on, so what’s up with that?


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