Ecce Agnus (au Curry)

By the way, my Indian restaurant language guess was epic fail. Tamil is the real answer: I realized my mistake when I spied the signs இ and அ, which could only be Tamil. I must have been blind last time. (Oh, and I want to see Sam K. order in Tamil here.)

Second visit, this being one of the sketchier parts of town notwithstanding. Lamb curry and parotta and chai, all for 6€ (~$9.50):

2 parotta: 2.00
1 agneau au curry: 3.00
1 thé masala sucré: 1.00

And this includes the 5.5% value-added tax (according to Wikipedia, ‘the most important source of state finance, accounting for 52% of state revenues’). Think about that: France is run largely on a 5.5% value added tax. Alright, that’s all the econ (political economy, rather) you’re getting out of me today.

The tea was better this time. I felt the sugar less, and the masala spice was definitely there, especially as I saw a bit of cardamom in my cup. It was very relaxing, and I wasn’t particularly interested in leaving, but there was class and all to attend (to).

Definitely spicy. My nose and forehead perspired gently, and I loved the curry (I did forget vegetables), which was boneless, richly flavoured and meaty. And yes, I can see why the waiter, hearing my order, asked, almost in confirmation, ‘Deux parotta?’ One would have been too little for me to handle the curry (and I add that parotta will one day kill me through the cholesterol it feeds me, and next time I’m trying idiyappam). I ate the thing up in 40 minutes. I was well-fed. It was then that I asked for tea.

The address, again:

16 rue Perdonnet, 75010 Paris
Tel: 01 46 07 35 32

When I walked back to the Métro, I passed by a butchery where, through the window, I looked up at a large, hairy hare and two feathered pheasants hung up like a telephone on a pole. Wow. Do they make pheasant curry?


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