Aneucharistic Problems

What are the important parts of worship? If I were to be given a nickel every time I asked and didn’t hear a reference to the Eucharist, I could get rich.

If the reason that we downplay the Eucharist is that we want to avoid letting those not yet baptized into the faith know what they aren’t yet able to enjoy, so that we can pretend that holy baptism is a non-essential, we’re indulging in a great wickedness. (I don’t have space here to talk about churches that don’t restrict the Eucharist to the baptized.)

If for this reason, or perhaps ‘in the interest of time’, we then deny baptized believers from receiving the benefits of the Eucharist more frequently than once a month or once a quarter, we’re indulging in greater wickedness. For if this is what we’re doing, even if we’re not administering the Eucharist in a disorderly way as the Corinthians did, we may be despising the Body, not discerning it.

May it never be that the Church diagnoses patients and gives treatment for them on the basis of their own testimony rather than on the testimony of God’s word. I have none of my own say in determining what I need; God has all of it. And God says do this.


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