The Rules, the Rules

Nisi exquisitum deverticulum, canones tenendi sunt.
‘Unless the deviation be exquisite, the rules must be held to.’

I said this in English in reference to typography and form in general, and Laura said it was my motto of life. Oh, but it is: canonicity rules me (no etymological pun intended). I ought to emblazon this somewhere.

Rules are made to be followed, though sometimes they bend. Of course, if the rule’s wrong, you change or nuance the rule rather than breaking it with a myriad random exceptions. It’s that or you live as if all’s chaos and all things are equally probable, forsaking the semblance of order.

Of course I had to articulate the motto in Latin, that morphologically orderly language of few irregularities.


One response to “The Rules, the Rules

  1. Wow, this explains why my life is all chaos!!


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