Advent Starts

A troparion, ‘Idou ho nymphios erchetai en tō mesō tēs nyktos’ (translation follows from Hymns of the Greek Church):


Behold the Bridegroom cometh
 At the hour of midnight drear,
And blest be he who watcheth
 When his Master shall appear,
But woe betide the careless one
 Asleep when He is near!


O soul of mine, bestir thee
 Lest thou sink in slumber quite,
And the Bridegroom find thee sleeping
 When He cometh in His might.
Awake, awake to praises,
 For He cometh in the night.


That fearful day approacheth,
 Then live, O soul, aright,
And watch the hour, and trim thy lamp
 And keep it burning bright,
Lest the voice be heard, ‘He cometh!’
 In the middle of the night.


Beware when slumber binds thee,
 Lest the Bridegroom pass thee by,
And thou knock without in darkness,
 And for grief and anguish cry;
Take thy lamp, with oil, and trim it,
 For the hour is drawing nigh.


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