Arranging Parts

I take great pleasure in arranging the order of songs that glorify God and proclaim him to man. Et exultavit spiritus meus in Deo salutari meo.

Whenever Marc or Terrance has the occasional question for choosing songs or determining their order for Fridays, I’m totally there. I love teaching them what I know even as I try to learn more, which I know influences on a week-to-week basis how the fellowship relates to God. After all, what could be better than helping friends with regard to worship of our glorious God? Doing it over wine.

My dad asked me to do something similar for a Christmas Eve carolling thing, and I enjoyed it very much. The songs are ordered chiastically (pdf here). When I told Terrance, he said I must be very proud of myself. Oh, but I am, when it involves chiasms.

As a musician, I’m pretty mediocre at everything by now, and composing without having taken any music theory is hard, but weaving texts together is a satisfying activity when I know it’s to the edification of the Church. En plus, it’s related to my academic interests in literature. I ought to designate ‘composite libretti’ as one of my academic interests.


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